Canon Inn Colorado Lodging

Cañon City Map and Driving Directions

Canon City Colorado Map

From Pueblo and Eastern Colorado

Drive West from Pueblo on US Hwy 50 for approximately 35 miles. As you enter Cañon City, the The Quality Inn & Suites will be on your right.

From Salida and Western Colorado

Drive East from Salida on US Hwy 50 for about 47 miles, continue through downtown Cañon City and find The Quality Inn & Suites on your left.

From Colorado Springs

Leave Colorado Springs going South on US Hwy 115 (Nevada Avenue). Continue on Hwy 115 for 33 miles, turn right on Hwy 50. Continue west on Hwy 50 for about 9 miles into Cannon City, find The Quality Inn & Suites on your right.

Distance to some Local Businesses and Attractions

12th Tactical Wing (5.0 m/8.0 km E)
Arkansas River Walk (1.5 m/2.4 km S)
BJSM & US Forest Service (0.5 m/0.8 km SE)
Cornell Companies (0.5 m/0.8 km E)
Federal & State Prisons (5.0 m/8.0 km E)
Fly Fishing (3.0 m/4.8 km S)
Fremont Center for the Arts (3.0 m/4.8 km W)
Holcim (10.0 m/16.1 km E)
Holy Cross Abbey& Winery (0.5 m/0.81cm W)
Prison Museum (5.0 m/8.0 km W)
Royal Gorge Bridge (15.0 m/24.1 km W)
Royal Gorge Helitours (10.0 m/16.1 km W)
Royal Gorge Railroad (3.0 m/4.8 km W)
Sky Driving (5.0 m/8.0 km E)
Sky Line Drive (8.0 m/12.9 km W)
Sumo Golf Village (10.0 m/16.1 km E)
Thomas More Hospital (3.0 m/4.8 km W)
USDA. (0.3 m/0.5 km E)
White Water Rafting (4.0 m/6.4 km W)

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